Enjoy an evening concert with the MSO

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra is bringing a spectacular concert to Shepparton on Tuesday 18 October with one of Australia’s most promising young conductors, Carlo Antonioli guiding the performance.

Featuring the well-known Beethoven’s Symphony No.5 the program also includes Mendelssohn - A Midsummer Night's Dream: Overture, and Paul Stanhope - Spin Dance.

Beethoven's Fifth opens with the most famous 'da da da duumm!' in history. But there is more to this piece than its impactful beginning: Beethoven takes a number of simple themes and expertly weaves them into a layered musical texture, all the while building a sense of dramatic urgency.

Mendelssohn's delightful Overture to a Midsummer Night's Dream and Paul Stanhope's whirling Spin Dance complete this memorable evening of outstanding music featuring Melbourne's finest musicians.

Conductor Carlo Antonioli is the Cybec Assistant Conductor Fellow to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Previously, Carlo was the Assistant Conductor to the West Australian Symphony Orchestra in 2018-2019. He has also assisted at the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

This year Carlo has conducted the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and the Australian Contemporary Opera Company’s production of Book of Longing by Philip Glass. He has regularly worked with the Australian Youth Orchestra and Sydney Youth Orchestras, the Australian Doctors Orchestra and Kuringai Youth Orchestra, and frequently returns to both the Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra and Orange Symphony Orchestra. Carlo is also a composer and is a member of the Sydney-based Dreambox Collective.

Riverlinks Venues Manager Ken Cameron said the evening promises to be one that will appeal to many music lovers, classical or otherwise. “Everyone knows the famous opening notes of Beethoven’s Symphony No.5, even if they think they don’t know, they will immediately recognise it upon hearing it!”

“The MSO is one of our most popular performances. Every time they come to Shepparton there is a lot of interest so if you are thinking of attending please purchase your tickets soon”.

Tickets are available in person, online or through the Riverlinks Box Office on 03 5832 9511. For the full selection of shows on offer, visit www.riverlinksvenues.com.au/whats-on

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