School Visits Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the terms and conditions to which you are agreeing. This booking form is a binding agreement between Riverlinks Venues and the school, and the school is liable to make payments by the due dates.

School bookings for a performance at Riverlinks Venues will only be accepted on completion of this booking form.

Note that bookings are not taken over the phone; only bookings submitted on this form will be accepted. Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis until the performance is sold out. You may still register interest after performances are sold out to be placed on a waiting list. 

4 weeks prior you will need to provide your confirmed numbers.

Teachers receive a free ticket with the ratios of below, please be aware this is generalised and can be reviewed on request i.e. special needs.

Below 3 years 1 teacher : 4 students
Kindergarten (over 3) 1 teacher : 10 students
Primary School 1 teacher : 10 students
Secondary School 1 teacher : 15 students

2 weeks prior you will receive an invoice after which changes to the booking will not be credited. If payment is via other means, for example credit card, the account must be finalised two weeks prior to the performance.

If numbers can’t be confirmed by the specified times you may have your booking cancelled without any further contact or incur the full cost of the original booking.

Changes/cancellations to bookings cannot be accepted after an invoice has been raised. Prior to this time, changes/cancellations must be made via email to Such changes/cancellations cannot be processed via phone. Changes greater than 10% of the original booking may incur additional costs.

It is the booking teacher’s responsibility to ensure student numbers are accurate, payment is organized and the school is notified of the booked activities. If the booking teacher leaves the school, it is the school’s responsibility to pass all information of the booking to a new contact teacher and to inform Riverlinks Venues of the change.

Information submitted via the booking form will be used and managed in accordance with Riverlinks Venues' privacy statement.

Once you have submitted this form, you will receive a booking confirmation from Riverlinks.

If you require additional tickets after the invoice has been issued, this will be assessed on availability at the time of inquiry and must be paid for at the time of booking. This booking will be processed by phone or in person and can only be paid via credit card.

Cancellation of the performance by Riverlinks Venues will result in the performance being rescheduled, or Riverlinks Venues will refund in full any payment made by the school.

The school must ensure that all members of the school group, including teachers and authorized supervising adults, comply with:

  • the Riverlinks Conditions of Entry; and
  • a lawful and reasonable direction given by a Riverlinks team member or representative while at Riverlinks Venues premises.

The school is responsible for supervising all members of the school group and for providing the required number of teachers and/or authorized supervising adults to accompany the group.

For enquiries about the content or suitability of a performance or workshop, please call the Riverlinks Marketing team on 5832 9865.