Theatre Etiquette

Here's a reminder about theatre etiquette when attending a live performance.

  • We recommend arriving at the venue half an hour before the advertised starting time.
  • Latecomers will only be admitted to the auditorium during a suitable break in the performance. The best advice: arrive early.
  • We recommend neat casual dress code, unless specified. If in doubt, ask one of our Box Office staff.
  • We ask you to get involved in the performances by applauding and laughing at appropriate moments.
  • Food and drink is permitted in the theatre.
  • Live theatre is different to TV – the actors on stage can hear and see you and there are other members of the audience to think about. If you need to leave the performance for any reason, please ensure this is done quickly and quietly and at an appropriate break in the action.
  • Please ensure that your mobile phone is switched to silent, and that you don't use your phone during the performance.

See you in the audience!