Foyer Exhibitions

I Am Beautiful: African Hair Project Exhibition 2018

Thursday 14 June - Monday 30 July

About the Exhibition:

A special photographic exhibition offering a uniquely African Australian perspective on hairstyling, which reveal a diversity of viewpoints and voices that challenge dominant Western ideals of beauty.

Photographic self-portraits, design and videos created by Congolese born multimedia artist Jean Michel Batakane, photographer Liz Arcus and inter disciplinary artist Jagath Dheerasekara, capture 15 African Australian people living in Shepparton, exploring their ideas of what is ‘good hair’, their relationships with their hair, and how ideals of beauty have influenced their lives.

Exhibition Opening:

The exhibition will be officially opened on Friday 22 June from 6pm-9pm, with a special free event in the exhibition space. It will include live music and dance performances, artists talks, a film screening by Jean Michel Batakane, and a special performance that playfully explores beauty, empowerment and self expression of African Australian women by Wanyika and Niwa of 2 Sydney Stylists.

Produced by
Multicultural Arts Victoria, STARTTS

 Supported by
Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Gandel Philanthropy, Riverlinks