Current Foyer Exhibition

With a Continuing Passion for Preservation - Deborah Lynch

22 February - 3 April 2017

About the Exhibition:

The inspiration for this exhibiton is my love for our natural world and old architecture.

in 2003, my exhibition at Shepparton Art Museum was titled With a Passion for Preservation. What inspired me then still inspires me now.

As our lives go on, sadly our environment and architectural histroy deteriorate. Many of the buildings in that exhibition now no longer exist or are in a very sad state of repair, an example being the iconic Taig's Homestead.

Our natural world is being gobbled up by our obsession for the biggest and the best. Sadly, our architectural history, our plant and animal world suffer for our greed.

It is my wish through art, to keep a visual record of our built histroy and natural environment while inspiring other to work towards preserving the same.

About the Artist:

Works by Deborah Lynch are represented in corporate and private collections. She has always had a keen interest in art and has won many awards and had several solo exhibitions.

Deborah spent most of her childhood in rural Victoria. She has always had a particular love of rural life and nature and the simple beauty that encompasses this lifestyle.

"Along with the deep red of rusty iron, the grey of weather beaten fence posts with their meandering brown wires and the history that is attached to the old neglected buildings amongst the huge blue skies, these is a co-existence of man and an appreciation of our natural world.

Nature grounds us. It takes us to a place that nothing else can replicate. For me, it is a feeling of calm and peace. I am in awe of our natural world and it needs to be preserved so our children and their children can have a place to go and leave their troubles behind." Deborah Lynch

In her quest to convey this beauty, she hopes she can create a strong appreciation of our precious natural environment and work towards preserving some of our early architecture and rural history.