Welcome to our streamed version of our popular Cushion Concert series!

Past Concerts

Week 1 - Featuring Tricia Baggs & Jac Monk as Monkey Baggwitch

Week 2 - Featuring Briana Lee (Starts at 13 mins 20 secs)

Week 3 - Featuring Rachael Howard

Week 4 - Featuring Matty & Jamie Hooper

We’ve been missing family entertainment here at Riverlinks. While we can’t be open to the public we’re excited to be streaming again.

We're delighted to present Briana Lee in the next Couch Concert performance on Thursday 5 November. Briana is one of our Cushion Concert favourites. In fact, she performed at our last Cushion Concert prior to lockdown, which was sold out! Armed with her guitar and soaring vocals, she will have you singing along to classic songs, with some tunes for parents and carers as well!

Couch Concerts are a streamed version of our popular Cushion Concerts series. The series will feature some of our most popular Cushion Concert artists and some new faces too, including Briana Lee, Rachael Howard, Tricia Baggs & Jac Monk and Matty & Jamie Hooper.

Join in the fun and make some instruments with us on social media! Each Saturday before the Couch Concerts, we will be making a fun instrument that can be used during the Concert.

We can’t wait to bring family fun back!