Raga Shambhala - Bridging the Himalayas

Featuring Tenzin Choegyal, Sangeet Mishra and Shen Flindell, Raga Shambhala takes the audience on a musical journey to the Himalayas and beyond in a special fusion of Tibetan and Indian music.

The concert opens with the divine sounds of sarangi (hundreds of colours), performing a selection of classical Indian ragas.

Coming from a long line of sarangi masters, Sangeet was considered by his seniors and gurus to be a child prodigy. He is a highly versatile performer who has collaborated with worldwide musicians to create a new musical language.

Best known for his beautiful sound and supportive accompaniment, Shen is one of Australia’s leading Tabala players. He is highly regarded in the thriving Indian classical music scene and has collaborated with musicians from all around the world.

Tenzin has toured the globe and become a major force on the world music scene. While his mastery of traditional Tibetan instruments is well known, Tenzin’s voice is memorable in its intensity and poignancy.

Indian classical music is a diamond in global culture with infinite possibilities for creative expression and improvisation.

Each performer uses individualised instruments to create the special fusion of Tibetan and Indian music. The sarangi (meaning hundreds of colours) is an Indian bowed instrument with 50 strings, producing a sound that evokes a wide range of tones and moods.

The tabla produces a range of complex sounds and rhythms by using different strokes with fingers and palms. The instrument itself has been used prominently in percussion since the 18th century.

The principal instrument of the Tibetan nomad is his powerful, lifting voice. At times, a Tibetan nomad is accompanied by a bamboo flute (known as lingbu or dranyen), a string instrument made of wood, leather and gut.

Each performer drawing on age-old music traditions, evoking the rich spiritual heritage of India and the vastness of the Tibetan plateau in the music they create, bridging the Himalayas in fine style.

Don't miss the chance to see this incredible show at Riverlinks Westside, Wednesday 5 September.